Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors

Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera

Securely monitor what’s going on in your baby's room from a distance. Hello Baby gives you the freedom to multitask during the day without losing your connection to the live image of your sleeping child. This system will also give you clear night time images and let you know the temperature of the room. Versatile multiple monitoring services are all included in this feature packed unit. This baby monitor is especially useful for households with toddlers, babies just learning to crawl or multiple children. Additional child units make it easier to keep track of where your children are individual. Go about your business with fewer interruptions. The parent unit is small and lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go.

Baby Monitor Night Vision

Whom this product is for

  • Parents
  • Multiple child homes
  • ​Grandparents
  • ​Caregivers
  • Childcare providers

Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Important features

Private connection

With the high incidences of baby monitor hacking, safeguards to guarantee 100% privacy are built into the system. You can rest assured that your information is carefully encrypted. This prevents anyone from accessing images of your baby or your home. They cannot access your conversations either. With this system, you can monitor your child's activities with confidence and total privacy.

Night vision

Night time viewing is no longer a problem because of the built-in infrared night vision. This feature provides clear night time video that shows small details. Unlike some others that present blurred night images, this system features high definition video for crisp and clear presentation. You'll know the position of your child at all times. Built in sensors are vigilant in detecting changes in light level. Night vision is automatically activated when light levels become low.

Expandable child cameras

This unit comes with one camera with the capacity for adding up to four child cameras. This adds to its versatility for families with multiple children. This allows you to monitor all of the rooms for up to four children. The cameras may also be placed in areas that roaming toddlers or crawling babies may wander. This feature provides you with additional safety for your children and your home. You'll know what's going on at all times.

Adjustable viewing angles

The child monitoring cameras can be adjusted in a variety of angle configurations. Optical pan and tilt features make it possible to get a fuller view of the room. You can also move the camera to get a better view of children who change position at night.

Two way talk and audio streaming

High-quality audio lets you hear all sounds that come from your baby's room. The voice of a parent can help to soothe a crying infant, and you can begin talking to your baby long before you reach the nursery. You can also carry on a conversation with a person who is in the room. Two-way the conversation is an added convenience that allows for remote conversation when you can't be in the room.

Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera


  • Versatility in camera view adjustment
  • Two way talk for soothing baby remotely
  • Clear images in all light
  • Built in room temperature monitoring


  • No video recorder
  • Sound turns off automatically
  • Camera must be adjusted manually

Baby Monitor Night Vision Camera


Question: How does the system notify you about temperature changes?

Answer: The video monitor sounds an alarm when the temperature reaches 89.5 degrees F or higher or lower than 46.5 degrees F.

Question: Can I connect this monitor to my smartphone?

Answer: No, the baby monitor cannot be connected to a smartphone. It can only be used with the parent monitor.

This is to ensure that the connection is private.

Question: Can I monitor two children who sleep in separate rooms at the same time?

Answer: Yes, you can. You will need to purchase an additional child camera that is compatible with the system. This monitor can connect with up to four cameras in different rooms.

Question: Does the parent unit need to stay plugged in to work?

Answer: No, you can take the parent unit out of the holder and carry it around with you. It will still function as long as the battery is charged.

Portable Video Baby Monitor

Experts Review

The verdict is in on the Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors. We've made this our final selection for best baby monitors because of its popularity and versatility. It does a very good job of providing secure monitoring and has passed the parent test with high ratings. There are a few things which could improve the satisfaction and move it up on the scale. A video recorder and remote camera control are the few that were mentioned. Overall, it delivers high on giving parents useful information about their child remotely. Real time video streaming with two-way audio make it possible for busy parents to multitask and keep in constant touch with their children.

On final verdict

If you would benefit from an extra set of eyes and ears to monitor family safety, this system may be the right choice for you. We highly recommend it for parents of multiple children. It also works well for checking the comfort and safety of children by monitoring their room temperature and sending alerts. The multifunctional capacity of this product makes it number five in our best baby monitors reviews. We see this as a major feat when compared with all of the other quality brands and models that are available.

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