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Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors

Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera

Securely monitor what’s going on in your baby's room from a distance. Hello Baby gives you the freedom to multitask during the day without losing your connection to the live image of your sleeping child. This system will also give you clear night time images and let you know the temperature of the room. Versatile multiple monitoring services are all included in this feature packed unit. This baby monitor is especially useful for households with toddlers, babies just learning to crawl or multiple children. Additional child units make it easier to keep track of where your children are individual. Go about your business with fewer interruptions. The parent unit is small and lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go.

Baby Monitor Night Vision

Whom this product is for

  • Parents
  • Multiple child homes
  • ​Grandparents
  • ​Caregivers
  • Childcare providers

Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Important features

Private connection

With the high incidences of baby monitor hacking, safeguards to guarantee 100% privacy are built into the system. You can rest assured that your information is carefully encrypted. This prevents anyone from accessing images of your baby or your home. They cannot access your conversations either. With this system, you can monitor your child's activities with confidence and total privacy.

Night vision

Night time viewing is no longer a problem because of the built-in infrared night vision. This feature provides clear night time video that shows small details. Unlike some others that present blurred night images, this system features high definition video for crisp and clear presentation. You'll know the position of your child at all times. Built in sensors are vigilant in detecting changes in light level. Night vision is automatically activated when light levels become low.

Expandable child cameras

This unit comes with one camera with the capacity for adding up to four child cameras. This adds to its versatility for families with multiple children. This allows you to monitor all of the rooms for up to four children. The cameras may also be placed in areas that roaming toddlers or crawling babies may wander. This feature provides you with additional safety for your children and your home. You'll know what's going on at all times.

Adjustable viewing angles

The child monitoring cameras can be adjusted in a variety of angle configurations. Optical pan and tilt features make it possible to get a fuller view of the room. You can also move the camera to get a better view of children who change position at night.

Two way talk and audio streaming

High-quality audio lets you hear all sounds that come from your baby's room. The voice of a parent can help to soothe a crying infant, and you can begin talking to your baby long before you reach the nursery. You can also carry on a conversation with a person who is in the room. Two-way the conversation is an added convenience that allows for remote conversation when you can't be in the room.

Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera


  • Versatility in camera view adjustment
  • Two way talk for soothing baby remotely
  • Clear images in all light
  • Built in room temperature monitoring


  • No video recorder
  • Sound turns off automatically
  • Camera must be adjusted manually

Baby Monitor Night Vision Camera


Question: How does the system notify you about temperature changes?

Answer: The video monitor sounds an alarm when the temperature reaches 89.5 degrees F or higher or lower than 46.5 degrees F.

Question: Can I connect this monitor to my smartphone?

Answer: No, the baby monitor cannot be connected to a smartphone. It can only be used with the parent monitor.

This is to ensure that the connection is private.

Question: Can I monitor two children who sleep in separate rooms at the same time?

Answer: Yes, you can. You will need to purchase an additional child camera that is compatible with the system. This monitor can connect with up to four cameras in different rooms.

Question: Does the parent unit need to stay plugged in to work?

Answer: No, you can take the parent unit out of the holder and carry it around with you. It will still function as long as the battery is charged.

Portable Video Baby Monitor

Experts Review

The verdict is in on the Hello Baby HB24 Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors. We've made this our final selection for best baby monitors because of its popularity and versatility. It does a very good job of providing secure monitoring and has passed the parent test with high ratings. There are a few things which could improve the satisfaction and move it up on the scale. A video recorder and remote camera control are the few that were mentioned. Overall, it delivers high on giving parents useful information about their child remotely. Real time video streaming with two-way audio make it possible for busy parents to multitask and keep in constant touch with their children.

On final verdict

If you would benefit from an extra set of eyes and ears to monitor family safety, this system may be the right choice for you. We highly recommend it for parents of multiple children. It also works well for checking the comfort and safety of children by monitoring their room temperature and sending alerts. The multifunctional capacity of this product makes it number five in our best baby monitors reviews. We see this as a major feat when compared with all of the other quality brands and models that are available.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Ni

Stay connected with your sleeping child with added peace of mind. The Avent Dect Monitor will keep you informed both day and night. You are guaranteed absolute privacy without the worry of hackers gaining access to your channel. You get the ultimate in privacy and security with this highly functioning system. Enjoy the freedom of going about your daily tasks while keeping an ear out for your sleeping baby. Extended range signal strength makes it possible for you to get the paper or visit with the neighbor across the fence. This monitor also keeps you informed about the temperature of your baby's room. Soothe a Crying baby before you get to the room with two-way talk. This unit comes packed with useful features that make it a must-have.

Whom this product is for

  • Parents of babies and small children
  • Grandparents
  • Caregivers and Babysitters

Important features

Secure and private connection

DECT technology ensures that your privacy is fully guaranteed to be secure from hackers or unauthorize access. With this security, you will be the only person who is monitoring the activity of your child. This type of protection has been instated because of the high number of breaches that have happened in the past. The exchanges between you and your child will be private and protected from unwanted intrusion. This security feature enhances the safety of your baby and everyone else in your home.

DECT Baby Monitor
Philips Avent DECT signal

Multiple alert systems

Feel free to answer the telephone and talk with the volume turned down. The vibration alert for the parent unit allows you to feel when a sound is made in the room you're monitoring. The gentle vibration is felt on the skin, so you are free to feel confident even when the volume is turned down.

Talk back feature

If your baby begins to cry when you are a distance away, you can easily soothe them with the sound of your voice.

Two-way talk allows you to give comfort while you're on your way to your baby before you arrive. You can also carry on a conversation with others in the room.

Philips  Baby Monitor

Extended signal range

The private and secure signal works with a range up to 900 feet. This gives you additional room to move around and still stay connected to your child. You can enjoy gardening or landscaping tasks with the security of knowing you'll be alerted if your baby makes a noise. The long range feature makes it possible for you to calm and sooth a crying baby while you're making your way to their location. More freedom with the constant connection is the benefit of a longer signal range.

DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Ni3

Room temperature monitor

Temperature extremes require constant monitoring to ensure the health and safety of your baby. This unit comes with a built-in room temperature monitor to keep you up to date on any changes. You won't need to guess what the temperature is because it will be clearly displayed. This will give you useful information about when adjustments may need to be made. An additional feature of this sensor is that it is customizable so you can set it to alert you with a vibration alert if the room conditions become too warm or too cool.

Baby Monitor


  • Strong wireless signal with good range
  • Sensitivity adjustment noise level control
  • ​Nightlight and lullaby
  • ​Features
  • Two way talk capability


  • Display screen is not lighted
  • Temperature sensor range is limited
  • Control menus are difficult to read


Question: Can temperature be viewed in Celsius or just Fahrenheit?

Answer: You can adjust the settings to view the room temperature in either C or F.

Question: Does it work in a two story house with concrete walls?

Answer: We use it in our two story home that has a few concrete walls. We haven't had any problems with signal strength.

Question: Can the parent unit be plugged into the power supply or does it need to use batteries only?

Answer: The parent unit comes with a cradle that acts as a charging station. It charges as it sits but the batteries are rechargeable. It's a lot like a mobile phone.

Question: Can I operate two of these identical systems in the same house at the same time?

Answer: Yes you can. There will be no interference on either monitor. They will not sync with one another.

Question: Can this unit be used overseas?

Answer: Yes, as long as you purchase an adapter for the power charger.

Question: How do you turn off the night light?

Answer: You simply tap on the light, and it will turn off. It is turned on the same way. You can not turn off the small green light on the baby unit because it is an indicator light.

Question: Is this audio monitor as good as a video monitor?

Answer: It provides a different kind of monitoring service which some parents prefer. The audio monitor lets you know when your child is crying. It also lets you communicate if you're not nearby. This can be soothing and be calming. It's difficult to compare the two because although they are both intended for remote monitoring, they are based on two different principles.

Question: Can a separate parent unit be ordered?

Answer: No this is not an option because of the privacy encryption for each unit.

Experts Review

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode is a highly recommended product that we recommend as one of the best baby monitors on the market. Users give it high ratings, so we know that it is reliable, and it performs with great satisfaction marks. The privacy feature is a positive feature. When combined with the long range, sound clarity, and reasonable price, we found it to be an exceptional value.

On final verdict

We strongly recommend this product because of its quality, value and usefulness for secure baby monitoring. The versatility of this unit also makes it useful for caregivers who tend to the needs of disabled adults. The two-way talk is an excellent way to stay of monitoring while completing other necessary tasks. It has made the grade as number four in our best baby monitor reviews. If you value privacy, security, and peace of mind, then this monitor is worth your consideration.

Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor





Your busy lifestyle can make it hard to manage a baby and other responsibilities. Infant Optics has the solution with the DXR05 Portable Baby Monitor. It’s built with a small design, but it’s packed with useful options. This unit delivers high on quality performance that keeps you informed of your baby's every move. It’s light so you can carry it with you during your daily activities. The monitor is small enough to be portable but large enough to see what your baby is doing. Step outside to get the paper or to do another task and you're still in touch with your baby. You won't lose the connection from your front or back yard. This is the kind of reliability that you need to enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your baby is still in view.

Infant Optics DXR-5 Baby Monitor

Whom this product is for:

  • Parents Grandparents Caregivers
  • Childcare providers
  • ​Important features
  • Automatic IR night vision

Infant Optics DXR-5

Important features

This feature allows you to see what your baby is doing any time of the day or night. This monitor produces clear images in low light and darkness with detailed images and video. Built in sensors constantly assess the environment to automatically detect light levels. When they become low enough, the system activates the IR night vision feature that is in full operation when it is needed.

Infant DXR-5 Video Baby Monitor

Portable and lightweight

Parents have multiple tasks that need to be done in addition to watching their babies. The portability and lightweight design of this monitor make it easy to carry while multitasking. You won't lose track of what's going on with your infant while you work. The 2.4-inch screen is small enough to carry, yet large enough to see. You'll enjoy fewer interruptions for wellness checks with full knowledge of your child's activity.

This unit is also easy to transport and use from one location to another. Take along for family outings, trips out of town or visiting friends and family. Portability means easy to use wherever you are.

Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor


The system is expandable for use with up to four cameras. This makes it an excellent choice for households with more than one child. It is also useful for monitoring multiple rooms at once. Full coverage for all rooms your child plays in is possible. Added peace of mind for parents of toddlers and babies who are just learning to crawl.

Infant Baby Monitor

Plug and Play

Setup can be difficult and frustrating with some baby monitors. This portable unit is as easy as it gets. The plug and play feature is a literal description of how quickly it sets up and is ready for use. There is no setup required because it is ready for immediate use.

Infant Optics Portable Video Baby Monitor

Private wireless connection

Breaches and compromises have made some parents hesitant to use video baby monitors. The threat of kidnapping is a parent's worst nightmare. The 2.4 GHz FHSS digital wireless transmission is guaranteed to provide 100% private video transmissions for the safety of your child and your family. Protected from video hackers, you can rest assured that your connection is secure. You will be the only person who is monitoring the activity of your child or loved one.


  • Create ranges for multitasking
  • Clear video view day and night
  • ​Private channel
  • No interference


  • Connection lost in some parts of the house'Some issues with Vox mode failure
  • Sound not loud enough on some units



Does this monitor work in a two story home?

Answer: Yes, the signal is strong enough to work in homes that have multiple stories or basements as well.

Question: Why does the monitor turn black and the signal occasionally fade?

Answer: When the voice-activated the feature is enabled, a sound will turn the monitor on to allow you to see and hear what is happening in the room. Press the vol+ and brightness+ to switch this feature on and off.

Question: Can I use this monitor when traveling overseas with 230 and 240W

Answer: Yes, as long as you have the necessary adaptor for the plug you can use it overseas.

Question: How good is the range of this baby monitor?

Answer: It works well in our larger home that has three floors. We can use it from all three levels with no problems.

Question: Can the camera be installed on the top of the crib?

Answer: Yes, you can install this camera on top of the crib to get the best picture of your child. Just make sure that it is in a place where your baby cannot get ahold of it.

Question: Does this camera have a zoom?

Answer: No, there is no zoom function on this camera.

Question: Does this system have a constant stream or is it only noise activated?

Answer: Yes, this camera gives you a constant live stream of video of your baby.


Experts Review

The information that we collected on this video baby monitor was impressive enough to warrant its placement as number three in our top five best baby monitor reviews. Parents give it high ranking for reliability and giving them peace of mind. It has the qualities that they are looking for. These include easy to carry and take on trips, reliable video streams and night vision. Caregivers for elderly and disabled also appreciate the clear audio that allows them to see and hear everything going on in the room. The few users who experienced problems also had positive comments about the pluses of this system.

On final verdict

The Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor is a choice that we recommend for parents who prefer both video and audio monitoring. We're confident that it will deliver useful video and audio results that are clear and crisp.

The quality and customer satisfaction that gives this unit such high ratings make us confident that it will meet your expectations. We recommend it for anyone who needs to be able to multitask yet maintain contact with a child or loved one.

  • Updated September 25, 2016
  • Reviews

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor





Safe and Sound by VTech is the ideal choice for two-way audio communication with your baby. Hear every noise in your child's room so you'll know when your he or she is crying or fussing. Parents with visual impairments can easily hear the sounds that infants make and hearing impaired can use the visual graph to detect sound through the monitor.

Lower sound levels allow for greater noise detection because there is no interference from static or background noise.

This product is a step up from analog monitors that can crackle and muffle other sounds. You will know when your baby is fussy or call out for you with the Safe and Sound. Enjoy the convenience of comforting your child from another room with two-way communication and crystal clear sound.

Whom this product is for

'Single parents

'Two parent households


•Babysitters and caregivers

Important features

VTech DM221 Baby Monitor Important features

Two-way talk

This feature allows you to speak to your child or another person from a different room in the house. Crying babies are soothed by the sound of their mother or fathers voice. Soothe your child before you reach the room and hear their feedback. Conveniently speak with another parent or caregiver in the room without getting up.

5 level sound indicator

Multiple language settings

The present screen display language is English, but this unit can be easily switched to French or Spanish. This is a benefit for bilingual and multilingual households. It also makes this a user-friendly monitor for parents who employ multilingual babysitters or caregivers. The United States, Canada, and Mexico share the common languages of French, English and Spanish which makes this a perfect monitor to meet the needs of diverse language environments.

DECT 6.0 technology

This advanced technology feature eliminates white noise, so all you hear are the sounds coming from your child's room. You won't have any of annoying interference produced by some monitors. What you hear is clear and pure sound. Also, there is no static that can be created by cell phones or nearby power lines.

VTech DM221 Two-way talk

5 level sound indicator

The visual representation of sound lets you mute the volume of your monitor without missing out on noise alerts. Graphic bars are easy to see and will alert you if there is a sound. Turning the volume up to monitor visual alerts is fast and easy. This function is particularly convenient if you are entertaining visitors. You can keep an eye on the monitor while listening to your guests.

Baby Monitors Vibrating sound alert

Vibrating sound alert

Carry on a conversation with dinner guests while monitoring sound in your baby's room incognito. The vibrating sound alert feature lets you know with an alternate indicator that is felt on the skin. Combined with the hands-free feature, the monitor can be worn on a belt for discrete use in social settings. You'll know when ifs time to check on the baby, but your guests won't be interrupted by the sound.


'Outdoor roaming distance up to 300 yards

'Detects slight noises 'No interference noises

Versatile for use with children or physically challenged adults

'Doubles as a walkie talkie when two parent units are used


Prone to freezes and needs resetting

Some units have weak batteries

Signal loss as unit ages


Question: What makes this a better choice over a video baby monitor?

Answer: Video monitors can become obsessions for new parents. We spent so much time watching our baby that we decided that an audio monitor would help us to be less obsessive while giving us the peace of mind in knowing we were still monitoring our child.

Question: Is there a rechargeable battery for the baby unit and the parent unit?

Answer: Just the parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery.

Question: Can you use the two parent unit option for parent communication?

Answer: When you use them as instructed the conversation is directed towards the baby monitor, but by double tapping the button on the unit, you can communicate with the other unit like a walkie talkie.

Question: Does a combination of 2 baby units and four parent units work together?

Answer: The units don't sync together, so there is no interference. Each unit relays what is heard in the baby monitor that is placed in the child's room. This is a good option for monitoring two children at once.

Question: Does this work from one building located in proximity to another?

Answer: If the buildings are within 1000 feet of one another the units should send and receive the signal fairly well.

Question: How long does the parent unit last when the battery is at full charge?

Answer: The battery lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge overnight. If there is a lot of noise, the batteries will be used up faster.

Experts Review

The Wech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is second on our list of the best baby monitors. It offers crisp and clear audio monitoring for parents and caregivers who prefer the sound to video. There is no interference whatsoever, so the sounds that you hear are not muffled or obscured. The audio quality is high and has been given impressive marks for multiple alert options. The visual and vibration alerts add convenience when sound must be turned down or muted. Multiple units can be used in one home without interference, which makes the Safe & Sound a good choice for homes with multiple monitoring needs. Two-way communication is solid for up to 1000 feet under optimal conditions which make it a good choice for monitoring parents who live next door.

On final verdict

Our conclusion is that the Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor has passed the test for inclusion in our best baby monitors reviews. We recommend it as one of the most popular choices for audio monitoring for parents, grandparents or caregivers who demand reliability and quality sound monitoring. If you have a child or loved one who needs to be monitored, this unit can give you added freedom and peace of mind.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens





You'll have more information about your baby's environment with this model of the Infant Optics baby monitor. It's one of the first of its kind and it offers advanced security for greater peace of mind. Your infant's safety is the top priority. The features of this unit will give you necessary information with fewer wellness check interruptions. You are in control of the camera angles that you get with this system. Zoom in or out to get live streaming close-ups or a wider view of the room. It allows you to see and hear what is going on in your child's room in all types of lighting conditions.

You can even check the temperature of the room to make sure that your baby is comfortable. The features of this monitor add convenience and a greater sense of security that all is well.

Whom this product is for:

  • Parents of infants and small children
  • Caregivers and Babysitters
  • ​Grandparents
  • Parents working from home

Important Features

Interchangeable lenses

This enhancement gives you more control over the areas of the room that you want to be covered. Choose from up to three different lens options. The normal lens gives you a traditional view of a smaller area. Use the zoom lens for close-up viewing of your child or other areas. You may also purchase a wide angle lens that is compatible with this system for monitoring a larger portion of the room at one time.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Video streaming

Live video streaming shows you what your child is doing in real time. Infants and small children have a tendency to move around. You'll know when your infant wakes up or rolls over the second that it happens. The 3.5 inch LCD screen delivers crystal clear images. This system is also equipped with audio so you can hear the sounds that your baby makes when you're not in the room. You're alerted when your child begins to cry and the two-way communication allows you to soothe and comfort your baby from wherever you are in the home.

Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Pan and tilt feature

Children tend to change positions as they sleep. If your child moves out of view, the pan and tilt feature can be used to hone in on the best angle. Watch your child at play and investigate any noises that you hear by panning the entire room. Enjoy the greater versatility of viewing angles with these useful features. You'll be able to find the perfect angle every time.

Infrared night vision

Night time monitoring can raise more questions than it answers. The solution to this problem is the infrared night vision feature. It produces a clear view of your sleeping child and adjusts to any lighting conditions. This means fewer trips to your child's room to confirm their safety at night or early morning hours.


Room temperature sensor

The temperature of your child's room affects health and the quality of sleep. The room temperature feature will help you to know the conditions of the environment at all times. You'll know when ifs time to turn the heat up or down thanks to this advanced technology.


  • Customizable viewing angles to see more views
  • ​Live streaming video for real-time activity
  • ​Convenience of fewer wellness checks
  • Clear viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Built-in temperature sensor


  • Thick walls decrease signal range
  • Battery tends to die quickly


Question: How good is the signal range?

Answer: The range works well within 60 feet away, and it has no problem reaching to some outbuildings with a solid three bars of strength.

Question: Does the audio work when the screen is turned off?

Answer: Yes, the sound still works even when the screen is turned off or in power saving mode.

Question: Is the volume adjustable?

Answer: Yes, the volume is adjustable, and there are 6 level settings to choose from.

Question: Is this unit difficult to set up?Answer: No, the setup is very easy, and it works without the need for any other equipment.

Experts Review

This baby monitor features state of the art technology that places it among the most versatile units on the market. The option for custom viewing angles is a convenience for most parents who are busy doing other things during the day. There are fewer interruptions for child wellness checks. This handy device answers most questions that require a trip to the child's room. It tells you the room temperature so you'll know if it needs adjusting.

You can see your baby in any part of the room thanks to the extended range of viewing angle options. If your child needs comforting, you can speak into the monitor to give them reassurance. Live video streaming and two-way conversation capabilities are time-saving features. The images are bright and clear at any time of the day or night.

On the downside, there is a tendency for a weak signal when the walls are thick or dense. Some users reported that the battery life is less than expected.The battery life on average is 10 hours in power saving mode and 6 hours when the screen is on. Aside from a small percentage of users who showed concern, the ratings are well above average. The majority give this amazing monitor a thumbs up for high performance and its value.

On final verdict

This product has made it to the top of our best baby monitors reviews. The reasons for this are its exceptional performance an overwhelming popularity. It comes highly recommended by parents who give it high marks for reliability in relaying useful information. When child safety is a top priority, we recommend this versatile monitor as the solution. Consider how the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens gives you the most information in one convenient station.

  • Updated September 23, 2016
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